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Welcome to Priorsford Primary School. We are always grateful to volunteers who help in the school - thank you for giving us your support. Staff toilets are situated outside the staffroom. Please feel free to have tea/coffee in the staffroom. Working with the Children When working in the school, or on an outing, the class teacher is always the person ultimately responsible for the child.
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At Priorsford Primary we aim to provide all our pupils with a caring and happy environment where we can teach and learn in a positive and encouraging way. Everyone should show respect and consideration to others and be co-operative, welcoming and treating others fairly and with care. Pupils should show awareness of their surroundings and act appropriately, being proud to represent the school by wearing the school uniform.
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Priorsford Primary Marking code
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This policy was created in consultation with pupils, staff and parents of Priorsford Primary School. It is available on the school website and is issued at the start of every school year in addition to a Homework Schedule containing more specific information related to a pupil’s year group.
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We published a report on Priorsford Primary School in December 2006. That report set out key strengths of the school and main points for action. This follow-through report tells you about improvements since the original inspection in the quality of education which the school provides. It also comments on how the school is getting on with the main points for action.
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